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Welcome to the Homepage of the National Association for Coaching Equity and Development, Incorporated (also known as NAFCED). NAFCED is a non-profit membership association for racial and ethnic minority coaches. Itís an Association founded by coaches, for the benefit of coaches, governed and operated by coaches exclusively. NAFCED features an organizational and governance structure comprised of a Board of Directors, and sport specific governing Councils established on a regional level to deliver service, programming and professional development/education more efficiently to its membership at every level. Our primary mission is to become the premier national association dedicated to the advocacy, employment, development and advancement of the careers of racial and ethnic minority coaches at all levels of the profession. If you are a coach, we urge you to review this website and join NAFCED today. As an association we value your active support and active involvement in building an organization capable of providing its membership with the professional and career development opportunities essential to effectively navigating todayís rapidly evolving sports marketplace.

National Association for Coaching Equity and Development