National Association for Coaching Equity & Development

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A New Way Forward with Renewed Impetus! A synergistic approach to advancing the careers and lives of Racial and Ethnic Minority Coaches.

Member Development Programs

Job Center
The Job center is a service that NAFCED will provide to its members to assist them in identifying job opportunities as they occur and to provide them with career counseling and mentoring as needed. Colleges, universities, search firms, and teams will be encouraged to list open coaching opportunities on the NAFCED Job Center website for viewing by the NAFCED membership.

Sports Information Network Enrollment
NAFCED is committed to increasing the exposure and employment of its membership by collaborating with colleges, universities, search firms, private clubs, teams and conferences to assist them in the identification and hiring of qualified racial and ethnic minority coaches. As a part of their membership fee, all members of NAFCED can have their resume and coaching profile entered into NAFCED's Sports Information Network which is a real-time live searchable database that can be accessed by the individual member, and various hiring and placement partners. For a licensing fee your professional profile data can be accessed electronically by colleges, universities, and search firms looking to fill coaching vacancies. Copious Sports Information Network

Training and Development
We at NAFCED view professional education and development as an important requirement for increasing the competitive pool of head racial and ethnic minority coaches. NAFCED will promote professional development via national and regional training and development academies by sports and gender. That will include regional training and networking summits for specific sports groups based on their needs. Online education will also be available to members via the Sports Information Network which will also facilitate dialogue between members via "Coach Talk" on a myriad of topics pertaining to their profession and sport.

Newsletter In order to enhance the flow of relevant information throughout the Association it is important to provide the membership with a digitized electronic quarterly Newsletter. Members will be encouraged to submit news items that can be shared with the membership.