National Association for Coaching Equity & Development

Together, We Can Make It Happen!

A New Way Forward with Renewed Impetus! A synergistic approach to advancing the careers and lives of Racial and Ethnic Minority Coaches.

About Us

NAFCED is an organization created by coaches, governed by coaches, for the benefit of racial and ethnic minority coaches. Its primary purpose is the formation of a cohesive organization to address the issues most prevalent in the profession which adversely affect its Membership and to promote the growth, development and long-term success of racial and ethnic minorities in the coaching profession, at all levels. NAFCED will provide an array of Membership services which will enhance the careers and employment opportunities of current and future coaches. The Associations primary objectives are as follows:
  • To enhance the leadership skills and knowledge of existing head coaches to insure their long term success and continued career advancement by continuously exposing them to 21st century leadership principles, strategies and methodologies to enable them to operate their programs and organizations at the highest competitive levels.

  • To educate and expose lower level and small college head coaches, associate head coaches, coordinators, and assistant coaches generally at the intercollegiate and professional level of sports to the principles, methodologies, and best practices of leadership which are critical to establishing a solid foundation for a successful program or organization and to insure their upward mobility within the profession.

  • To provide a broad and in depth platform where the dissemination of ideas, philosophies, values, and beliefs can be shared amongst a diverse group of coaching professionals with the primary objective of strengthening the overall skills and success of minority coaches currently employed in the profession; and to foster the identification, recruitment, preparation and development of future minority leaders and coaches in the profession at all competitive levels of sports.

  • The ultimate objective of the NAFCED is to improve the retention of the existing pool of coaches, to significantly expand the number of minority head coaches at all levels, and to insure the preservation of the coaching profession as a viable career option for future generations of minority youth, by cultivating a culture and environment conducive to their long term professional and financial success.